Port City Dental Lab has gone Digital.

Port City Dental Lab is very happy to announce to you that we have gone digital! We are now accepting cases through Itero and cerec Connect!

In September of 2013 Port City Dental Lab became an owner of Sirona’s Inlab Cerec system. We’re now able to accept your digital impressions taken with your Cerec scanners through Cerec Connect. We can now design your cases digitally, mill your restorations, and bring your cases from start to finish all in house. If your doing a multi unit anterior case or even a single central. We can design your case digitally and send you images of what the planned restoration will look like even before its made.

We’ve also invested in a sintering furnace giving us the capability to design and sinter zirconia copings, frame works, and full contour zirconia restorations. There’s a wide range of zirconia on the market the we can use. We are also an authorized BruxZir lab and can provide that product to you as well made here in-house from start to finish.

If you haven’t gone digital yet you can still take advange of these same benefits, such as seeing what your single or multi unit anterior case will look like before its made, or having a zirconia restoration made in-state and in-house. We have the Inlab InEos X5 digital scanner. If your looking to do an all ceramic crown or bridge send us your physical impression and we’ll do the model work and scan them in that way.

Give us a call and ask us what our inlab team can do for your office!

Cerec Connect ID: Port City Dental Lab
Itero ID: 12628

Come visit us and see how it all works.